We Want You…to Fight Nazi Dinosaurs

Ancient beasts walk the earth once again, forged into terrifying weapons by none other than Adolf Hitler. Grab your weapon and prepare for the assault...it's Dino D-Day!


Upcoming Dino D-Day Update!

It’s been a long time coming, but we are ready to share some details about the Dino D-Day update we have in the works.   Firstly, we’ve steadily collected bug reports and have knocked them out one by one like Hardgrave freedompunching raptors. The bugged achievements, holes in maps, medic glows, stability issues, weapon nerfs…and […]

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Dino D-Day Comic News

A nice article about the Dino D-Day comic on Comic Book Resources!   Read it here

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Free Weekend on Steam! New Dino D-Day Comic Debut!

That’s right, Dino D-Day is free to play all weekend and available to purchase for 90% off!   In related news, this weekend also brings us issue #1 of the brand new Dino D-Day digital comic.  Let’s face it, if you are already a big enough nerd to enjoy a video game about dinosaurs in […]

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Jurrasic-Sized Update and DLC Released!

The Jurassic-Sized Update   The long awaited graphical update to Dino D-Day fixes some issues that our community has noticed, bugs that were hampering gameplay, brings an entirely new version of the Source engine (Portal 2) to the game, and also brings a huge facelift to characters, animations, environments, weapons, and props.  You’ll see some […]

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The Open Beta for the Dino D-Day Jurassic-Sized Update and Last Stand DLC is now…well, open!

First off, Dino D-Day now has an Open Beta where players who want to check out our upcoming free overhaul of the game, can do so.  No sign up, no obligation, no credit checks!  The update is called “Jurassic-Sized” because it is the biggest update we’ve ever put out, and like a Jurassic sauropod, it […]

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Lights, Camera, Archosaur!

Source Filmmaker’s new DLC will make Dino D-Day’s dinosaurs, characters, and props available for your storytelling endeavors. Ever needed to film a T.Rex with machine guns bolted to its noggin, or a giant Certatopsid with an 88mm tank turret on its back? Who hasn’t. Non-weaponized dinosaurs are in the DLC as well, ready to populate […]

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Dino D-Day Update and DLC News

While we are not yet ready to release the update, we know many of you are curious about what we’ve been working on. Beta testing is underway with our initial group of testers, and we have many more who have expressed an interest in testing. We will be adding more players soon; we want to […]

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Hardgrave’s Favorite Holiday

Wishing you a Happy July 4th, whether it means a celebration of Independence or just TGIF!

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Update, DLC, Screenshots and More!

Jurassic-Sized Update!   That’s right, an update that can only be described as “Jurassic” in that it has taken us approximately 55 million years to complete. But in that 55 million years, incredible change has taken place! Layer after layer, like sediment compacting into mudstone on the floor of a vast alluvial plain 170 million […]

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Dinosaur War Enters Year 3! Dino D-Day 70% Off All Week! Large update coming!

To celebrate Dino D-Day’s third anniversary, buy it for 3 dollars and then have a free penny on us!  Now is a great time to pick up Dino D-Day over on Steam’s Weeklong Deals where it can be had for $2.99.  Not only will you save 70%, but you will also be just in time for […]

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