We Want You…to Fight Nazi Dinosaurs

Ancient beasts walk the earth once again, forged into terrifying weapons by none other than Adolf Hitler. Grab your weapon and prepare for the assault...it's Dino D-Day!

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Where we’re headed

Howdy soldiers,   We wanted to take a minute to let all our players know where the game is currently and where we’re headed in the immediate future.  We’ve just had a nice Daily Deal on Steam which was a great boost to the game but as always there’s a lot of work ahead of […]

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A vicious T-Rex and the PC Gamer logo!

PC Gamer Revisits Dino D-Day

Howdy Soldiers, Over the past few weeks PC Gamer was kind enough to give Dino D-Day a second look.  They dropped in on some public matches to get a little taste of things before setting up a Devs vs PCG Editors throwdown match.  Here’s a link to the action: http://www.pcgamer.com/2012/01/30/dino-d-day-throwdown-devs-vs-pcg/ Alas, the Devs gave it […]

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