We Want You…to Fight Nazi Dinosaurs

Ancient beasts walk the earth once again, forged into terrifying weapons by none other than Adolf Hitler. Grab your weapon and prepare for the assault...it's Dino D-Day!


75% off during Steam Holiday Sale

Dino D-Day is 75% off during the Steam Holiday Sale! That means you can pick up a single copy for $2.49 or a four pack for holiday giving for $7.49. What better way to say Happy Holidays than with dinosaur infested WW2 combat?   Buy it Here!

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Victory is within reach

Click below to get a look at the new collectible feature in Dino D-Day.  Victory cards tells you the true stories of the great dinosaur war and the men, women, and beasts that fought it.  Collect them all to get the real scoop!

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So Much News! Free Weekend on Steam, Victory Card Update, and Development Goings On!

Head on over to Steam right now to play for free and pick up a copy at 80% off!  You can’t even buy a ticket to see a dinosaur skeleton in a museum for that price, let alone BE one while stomping around and chewing on soldiers.  For you veterans of the game, the servers […]

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