We Want You…to Fight Nazi Dinosaurs

Ancient beasts walk the earth once again, forged into terrifying weapons by none other than Adolf Hitler. Grab your weapon and prepare for the assault...it's Dino D-Day!


Upcoming Dino D-Day Update!

It’s been a long time coming, but we are ready to share some details about the Dino D-Day update we have in the works.
Firstly, we’ve steadily collected bug reports and have knocked them out one by one like Hardgrave freedompunching raptors. The bugged achievements, holes in maps, medic glows, stability issues, weapon nerfs…and many more, have been fixed and tested. In addition, we’ve added three new maps which we think you will enjoy. They are detailed below and you can see some screenshots of our current beta build here.
New Maps
Airstrip: A desperate fight has broken out to control the Axis Zeppelin loading docks and stop the nefarious plan to airlift T.rexes throughout the theater. Some might think it foolhardy to load an enormous dinosaur with guns bolted to its head onto a highly flammable air vehicle, but obviously Germany disagrees. The map is playable as capture point, death match, king of the hill, and survival modes, and does include the playable T.rex.
Ziegenfarm: The Big Three agree that production of Axis goats must be stopped for freedom to truly flourish. Haven’t you wondered where all those goats come from? How do dilophasaurs learn to hurtle them with such deadly and comical accuracy? Well, at farms like this one of course. Achieve goat liberation for all goatkind in capture point, death match, king of the hill, and survival modes.
Resistance: Help the French Resistance in this French town…resist. It seems the Axis high command is interested in more than just staging fascist Operas in French towns. Now they are trying to cut off the Underground, quite literally. Beneath the picturesque French architecture lies a sprawling sewer system. Resistance is really two maps in one: some modes will keep the fight upstairs in the streets and buildings, other modes will move the fight into the sewers. Playable in capture point, death match, king of the hill, and survival modes.
We hope you will find these maps as fun to play as we have. We look forward to keeping Dino D-Day going as long as players are having fun fighting the Great Dinosaur War. Updates to the game will continue after this as we strive to make the game a smooth and fun experience, and will even consider further content updates like this one if there is demand. As we continue to maintain Dino D-Day, we have also been hard at work on a new game. We’re very excited about it, and will announce it later in 2016. We aren’t bidding adieu to dinos quite yet though; our future plans also include other incarnations of Dino D-Day as well.
So when will this current update be ready? We’re beta testing it now, and it will be ready by the end of March. More news to follow!


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