Why No Allied Dinosaurs?

From a Letter to the Editor of the New York Times, June 1940:

"Okay, so these kraut dinosaurs. Why we ain't got some of those things fightin' for us, huh? That's what I'd like to know. Let me tell you somethin', dinosaurs could be just as American as you an me. We just need to get 'em over here, and show them, you know, democracy. The Brooklyn Dodgers, hot dogs, mom's apple pie, stuff like that. I bet over there they got those poor animals eatin' sausage and sewerkraut every meal, listening to polka music or whatever. Over here they could see what freedom tastes like. Tastes pretty flippin' good! Am I right? So, why ain't Roosevelt getting his wheels in gear and producing us some tankasaurs to fight for the red white and blue huh? I tell you what my friends, could just maybe be that his buddies Rockerfella and J.P. Morgan and whatsis name, Carnegie and them other captains a industry can't build em out of steel and sell em to the govment for like triple, quadruple price. Sweetheart deals in the Ole Boy's club, scab labor to make the rich get richer, and that's why we ain't never gonna get no American dinosaur. Business as usual, swear ta God. But hey FDR, there's an election coming up and no way you're gonna win again. Keep your chins up New York, and remember, You Can't Keep a Good Union Man down!"

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